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Oct. 18th, 2009

(no subject)

Lots of you have still got this journal added, so I just wanted to say again:

Translations are now at loli_blog_trans  :)
There won't be any more posts here.

Oct. 2nd, 2009

Translation Community

Hey everyone! :D

I hope you're enjoying the posts here.
After my post on egl someone approched me wanting to help translate redridinghood incase I didn't have the time to do so later on.
Though in the end it seemed to be too much of a hassle to split the translations between the two of us, so she found two other blogs to translate and we decided to make a community for both of our translations: loli_blog_trans

So, my posts will be there from now on. Sorry to send you elsewhere after such a short time :'D

And I have a question: Would you be interested in us finding more translators to join us, or are 4 blogs already enough to read?
I mean I'm all for variety but I know how communities with too much activity can get a little overwhelming... so, what do you think?

Oct. 1st, 2009

Burberry Blue Label Tartan OP

Burberry Blue Label Tartan OP
2009 S/S
It's a tired skirt with an adjustable waist.
The rate of burberry was high this spring and summer.

2009 S/S
The tartan skirt is a pretty standard item, this one's brown with white and red and buttons.

Coleman Leisure Sheet

I used this recently, it makes lazing around outside much more comfortable, haha.
I'll keep using it this season (・∀・)イイ!!
It's 170x170 so there's plenty of space to lie down.

I think drinking tee outside in autumn/winter is the best.

At a place like this.

I went to ballet ♪

Emily Temple Lulu ★ ribbon headband
Shirley Temple ★ Princess Rabbit OP, striped socks
collet ★ ribbon brooch

The weather was suitable for it, so I wore my Princess Rabbit OP.
I really love it. <3 I'm extremely fond of the rabbit. He has such a cute face.
I wonder if they'll release a cute print like that this year again...
The OP's design is also really cute, I like these kinds of dresses best for autumn and winter.

I was so busy the past days, I didn't even notice October coming! Uwah, this year's already over in two months! How startling. I wonder if I'll reach my movie watching goal.. '`,、('∀`) '`,、

I don't know why, but when rain is approaching my asthma get's worse and I can't move around as much as I'd like, but I went to ballet anyways! Though I wasn't able to dance that well..(´・ω・`)

Sep. 30th, 2009

It didn't come at once *cries*

The picture isn't related to the entry, it's MM's Furansetto coat(sugar rose).

...I thought VM's new Diana dress is cute...

And then MM released their new items!!!

I'd like something in check... The Audrey OP is in a check print, argh!!

I like VM's Diana dress because the top is flashy while the skirt part is simple. I don't have a sleevless dress like that.

I own plenty of plain checked dresses, but no classical one's...
I really like the cute feeling of the Audrey OP!! I also love the combination of a longsleeved OP and a bow at the back!!

Or so I thought. ...but the time for wearing long sleeved dresses is limited, right? *cries*
Plus, theres the long sleeved Saint Claire and Saint Clare and Saint Clair OPs(←!!!) that I already own...

Also, the Diana dress while being cute is still elegant...

Though, the money...
I definitely want VM's re-released Volume Chiffon Petticoat.
I reserved one last time, and wanted to buy a black one later on, but it was sold out...
Well, the last one's were sold out in reservation, so I'm lucky I got one at all.

For now, I should calm down!!

Ah, why am I always listening to this song when I'm worrying about clothes? ... "Start ID" ... Nah, it's not a song for these kind of thoughts!!! It's a really beautiful song!!! (← desperate excuses)

Sep. 29th, 2009

collet October Event Plans

The October event participation for collet has been decided!
I'm also participating in the life market on 10/17-18(sat-sun).
There will be limited items along with the kitty bows I always sell. Please com and have a look <3

Emily Temple Lulu Ribbon Boots

2009 F/W
Emily Temple Lulu Ribbon Boots
The bow is cute, and the polkadots on the inside are cute, it's overall cuteness (・∀・)!! The shade of pink is easy to coordinate with other Emilulu items, they're made of a light material and are easy to put on. Though this pink is slightly different from Shirley Temple's pink..

They go really we'll with last year's Teddybear print <3


collet ★ ribbon headband
Shirley Temple ★ Chocolate Alice OP + skirt, Candy socks
Emily Temple Lulu ★ polkadot parka

I like adding a little mint to Shirley Temple's pink. I like the fluffyness of the Choco Alice series, so I'm sad they haven't released anything like this in a while.

Ah, I've tried adding a watermark to my picture for once, though it's a pain so I won't keep doing it, lol.

Since my asthma got worse on sunday, I spent a day resting, which was really boring.. (´・ω・`) I went eating salmon.. and have plenty of other plans so I'm doing my best!

Autumn dorayaki

After a hectic day at work I had a weird craving for something sweet, so I bought this 'Japanese Chestnut Dorayaki'.
I love chestnut flavoured sweets!!

Taken out of the package.
I think its round shape is somewhat cute, but I guess it's only me.

Teared apart.
I couldn't tear it apart too beautifully, though that's because of the thickness of the bread, haha.
The filling inside has chestnut.
The taste was good, and the price reasonable!

...the truth is, I wanted to buy a maroon flavoured Roll-chan, though as always my timing was bad and they were sold out...
I haven't seen it since that one time...
It's good, so maybe it'll become my favourite?? I definitely want another one during the limited time it's available! *haha*

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